Top Resorts in Bangalore

Olde Bangalore Resort And Convention Center

The experience of visiting Olde Bangalore is like taking an easy and relaxing trip back in time. This is hard to comprehend in a city that’s become insane! Near Bangalore, the city’s bustling population and bustling nightlife, you can wake up to birdsong music, and then relax to the sounds of peace. Be prepared to experience the spirit of Bangalore which is now an ephemeral memory of a city that was once different from all others as a refreshing air of nostalgia flutters over your head.

The Windflower Resort And Spa Prakruthi

In the suburbs in Bangalore located near the Devanahalli airport The Windflower Prakruthi is located on the outskirts of Bangalore. This hotel is great for families, couples weddings, corporate events.

It is located in the Windflower Prakruthi is a great holiday destination for those seeking a short break from the bustle and hustle of urban life. It hosts family reunions and business gatherings. The resort offers a range of attractive daytime and night time packages.

Our Native Village

Near the outskirts of Bangalore located near and close to Devanahalli airport, lies the Windflower Prakruthi. The beautiful green, well-groomed 7-acre hotel is the perfect getaway for families, couples gatherings for families and weddings as well as corporate events, such as group building activities as well as off-site meetings, new launches for products and everything else a holiday-maker or company could be seeking out during a weekend getaway or a getaway for a weekday.

It is located in the Windflower Prakruthi is a great holiday destination for those seeking a short break from the bustle and hustle of urban life. It is a popular destination for family gatherings and business gatherings. The resort offers a range of attractive daytime and nighttime packages.

Golden Palms Hotel And Spa

The stunning architecture and landscape make for a perfect paradise Waiting for the modern-day Gods and Goddesses situated within 14 acres of lush vegetation, sprawling lawns, lagoons, and waterfalls. The resort is surrounded by luxurious surroundings and is built within the Moorish and Moorish Spanish casitas. The resort has been praised for its impeccable appearance and premium services.

Bheemeshwari Nature And Adventure Camp

The Cauvery, South India’s most beautiful as well as sacred, flows through the wooded landscape of Karnataka’s forests. For those who love nature, the Cauvery is a great place to enjoy the chance to experience both adventure and possibility. The Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp is located in the middle of the river and is known worldwide for its home to the famous ‘Mahseer’ the largest and most powerful tropical fish ever caught by the human race. The camp is a piece of nature that is truly distinctive, one in which you are completely at peace and secluded from crowds yet still close enough to be able to reach.

River terns, fishing eagles, woodpeckers, king fishers as well as a myriad of other species are seen in large numbers during this time of the year which makes it a great spot for birdwatchers. At other times, the water recedes and exposes sandy shores where you can enjoy a relaxing evening or relax in the numerous lagoons created by the flowing water. The summer months (March-June) can be extremely hot, especially during the afternoons.

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Tripvillas @ Angana Country Inn

Angana is located in Karnataka, India, on Kanakapura Road, 60 kilometres from Bangalore International Airport, provides an unforgettable holiday experience with a resort designed to recreate the charms of a lost place in the ages. It combines the warmth and ambiance of an old-fashioned, warm home with luxurious services and facilities. Green lawns, manicured gardens, blooms and mature trees create an enchanting atmosphere that gives you a feeling of tranquility, and discrete staff members who anticipate and meet every need.

As you pass through the fort-like walls that surround Angana and you’re soon completely surrounded by peace and tranquility.

Clarks Exotica Convention Resort & Spa

A place in and of itself, nestled within 70 acres of lush natural beauty, offering an experience that is tailored to your preferences. Clarks Exotica Hotel & Spa is located just 5 minutes away from Bengaluru International Airport and surrounded by lush greenery, is Bangalore’s voice. The expansive expanse of space offers the tranquility that you’ve been looking for in a city that can meet your every desire. Clarks Exotica is a conference resort that is situated in the lush greenery of acres with stunning perspectives of Nandi Hills. The resort offers guests ease and comfort, while also delivering the highest standards of hospitality.

Galibore Fishing and Nature Camp

The Galibore Fishing and Nature Camp is hidden among the deciduous trees just 10 km from Sangam located on the banks of Cauvery River, away from the crowds of people. Jungle Lodges & Resorts, part of Karnataka Tourism, manages it. The Camp is located in the middle of nowhere, along the banks that lie along the Cauvery River, surrounded by hills. The Camp is built within the shade of trees that line on the bank of the river. For miles around there are no people or settlements of any kind. The only sounds are the sounds of birds and wind’s blowing. Galibore is a hill strewn by wind near Camp, is from where the name of the region comes from. It is, without a no doubt, not a pleasant and secluded environment.

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