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Randox Drop Box Overflowing With COVID-19 Tests

randox drop box

Randox drop box has become a symbol of the bafflement that has engulfed PCR testing. The company has promised to improve tracking and turnaround time, but so far, it hasn’t worked. The problem, according to some users, lies in the turnaround…

Randox is Expanding Its Drop Box Capacity

randox drop box

One of the biggest suppliers of Covid PCR test kits in the UK, Randox. has confirmed that it is planning to expand its capacity to accommodate more customers. A spokesperson for the company advised customers not to leave their samples…

Do massage Spas accept walk-ins?


Massage spa businesses face one of two options. One option is to wait until someone comes into the establishment, where you offer a low hourly rate to lure clients away from their local massage therapists. The other option is to…