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Olukai Slippers

Olukai Slippers

OluKai slippers are among the best available slippers on the market today. They are designed for maximum comfort and durability. They are available in a wide variety of sizes so you can choose the right pair for your feet. Moreover, you…

Which diamond inclusions are the worst?


Diamond inclusions, or internal characteristics that extend into the diamond from the surface, include bearded girdle, bruising, cavity, chip, cloud, crystal, feather, grain centre, indented natural, internal graining, internal laser drilling, knot, laser drill hole, needle, pinpoint, and twinning wisp.…

Nike Waffle One Review

Nike Waffle One

The Nike Waffle One is an updated version of the classic Waffle running shoe. This updated version is a perfect balance of heritage running and fresh innovations. Its sleek and durable plastic heel clip and transparent mesh upper are enhanced by a…

What to Look For in Snow Boots

Snow Boots

Snow boots are water-resistant, rubber soled boots made for cold weather. They have high sides to keep you dry, and are often used in snowy, muddy conditions. Listed below are some of the features you should look for when buying a…